Class Decriptions

Abs butt thighs
Muscle toning of abs and gluts.
Cardiovascular training using multi aerobic techniques. Followed by an intense muscle toning segment.
Exercises in the pool
Come play badminton in our gymnasium with instructor Robert Yip.
Ballet (Children)
Introduction to ballet for children.
Body Tonus
Toning class using step, weights, body bars and more. All muscle groups are targeted.
Body Tonus
Cardio and exercises focusing on all muscle groups.
Boot Camp
Intense circuit exercises
Cardio Boogie
All different kinds of dance moves.
Cross Training
Full body workout with different stations set up to build cardio using weights, equalizers...
Social Dancing
Learning and enjoying how to dance multiple styles of dance from across the world.
Free Jogging
Jog around the track in the gymnasium
Free Swim
Swim in the pool
Hot Yoga
Yoga in a hot room
Mise en Forme
Class given in the gym using cardiovascular & muscle toning machines.
Physical conditioning
Cardio & toning for all using steps, weights. body bars...
Series of toning exercises on mat to enhance core and muscle strength by adding resistance. Participants will gain stability, mobility, flexibility and good posture.
Soccer Free
Play soccer indoors in the gymnasium
Sport Conditioning
Sports conditioning movements ie. sports drills, ladder,...
Step & Tonus
Cardio / strength training circuit with weights and others methods while incorporating the step.
Different types of stretching exercises for the entire body to improve flexibility
Studio Cycling
Indoor cycling exercise class: experience a safe all terrain ride with flat stretches of road or hills. We guarantee to get you off your seat!
Tae Kwon Do (Children)
Korean Martial Art which develops physical and mental concentration as a way of self defense. Exercise, flexibility and endurance will provide self-esteem and absolute confidence.
Series of long postures to help & restore the body.
Treadmill Class
Relaxes and strengthens your body and soothes your mind. Reduces your stress level. (Viniyoga or Hathayoga)
30 minutes of yoga & 30 minutes of pilates
Different African style dances