Community Services

 Fondation Communautaire Canadienne-Italienne

The mission of the Italian-Canadian Community Foundation is to raise funds for the aid and advancement of the Italian community and society at large.

Contact: Anna GiampáTelephone: 514-274-6725Office: suite 301

 Congresso Nazionale degli Italo-Canadesi del Quebec

Contact: Josie VerilloTelephone: 514-279-6357Office: suite 302

 Servizi Comunitari Italo-Canadesi del Quebec

The Italian-Canadian Community Services of Quebec Inc.(SCCIQ) is a charitable non-profit organization. The mission of the SCCIQ is to assist in the establishment and promotion of cultural activities, services and programs in the Italian Community.

Contact: Maria MaioloTelephone: 514-274-9462Office: suite 303

 Casa Sicilia

The "Casa" has as its purpose, in compliance with international law and the laws of Canada, as well as that of the Italy and the Region of Sicily, promotion in Canada, culture, tourism, image and business opportunities and quality of local products of Sicily. It, therefore, may organize seminars, conferences, workshops and any other event act to achieve such purposes. The "House" also takes care of the collection of all relevant information to business owners and operators interested in Sicilian, with regard to the opportunities for business in the Country of Canada.

Contact: Roberto ZambitoTelephone: 514-955-8542Office: suite 304

 Patronato I.N.A.S.

Contact: Santino QuerciaTelephone: 514-326-7262Office: suite 305

 Associazione Basilucania

Contact: Donato CaivanoTelephone: 514-381-5092Office: suite 306

 R.E.I.S.A. (East Island Network)

The East Island Network for English Language Services
REISA, a community organization, works to increase access to health and social services in English for residents of Montreal’s east-end, through collaboration with public, private and community stakeholders.

Contact: Fatiha GuemiriTelephone: 514-955-8370 ext. 2270Office: suite 312

 Chambre de Commerce St-Léonard

Contact: Nicola (Nick) FiascheTelephone: 514-325-4232Office: suite 306

 Regione Calabria

Contact: Giovanni ChieffaloTelephone: 514-955-8545Office: suite 306

 Eglise de Jésus-Christ

The Church of Jesus Christ (Father-Son-Holy Spirit), where the Lord Jesus Christ is worshipped in Spirit and in truth. The Word of God is preached in power and with the authority of the Holy Spirit, and accompanied with signs and wonders. Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and anouncing the coming Rapture.

Contact: Giuseppe RamacieriTelephone: 514-374-5386Office: suite 306

 Associazione Famiglia Marchigiana

Contact: Perry MazzantiTelephone: 514-727-3783Office: suite 307

 Fed. Associazione Molisane Quebec

Contact: Tony Zara or Nancy SpinetiTelephone: 514-374-1627Office: suite 308


Contact: Giovanna GiordanoTelephone: 514-255-2800Office: suite 309


Contact: Luisa PapaTelephone: 514-254-4929Office: suite 310

 Bethel Ministry

Contact: Toni BattistaTelephone: 514-955-8533Office: suite 311

 Action Sport Physio

Action Sport St-Leonard is a dynamic and welcoming team of multidisciplinary professionals. Our main goal is to offer sport medicine services of superior quality for the Montreal region. With a diverse expertise in manual therapy and sport and orthopedic rehabilitation we are dedicated to give each and every one a personal service.

Contact: RéceptionTelephone: 514-955-8525Office: sous-sol


The World’s Largest After School Learning Program.
Math & Reading for Students of Pre-school to Grade 12.

Contact: Antonella D’ElisioTelephone: 514-326-5158Office: Room 7

 Groupe Ergo Ressources

Occupational therapy and ergonomic services
Treatment and care of children in clinics, schools and daycares. Physical and mental health rehabilitation resulting in work stoppage. At home Assessment and Intervention to prevent falls and enhance the autonomy of the elderly.

Contact: Sonia CotéTelephone: 514-667-0180 #3115Office: sous-sol

 Federazione delle Associazioni Regione Campania-Canada

Unite all the people of origin of the Campania Region and their families; To promote and enhance the development of cultural activities, recreational, social, economic, sports and above all provide assistance to their families.

Contact: Enrica UvaTelephone: 514-884-6420Office: 311